J. Scott Southworth has prepared articles, technical documents, papers, and publications, and participated in several presentations, as indicated below:

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • “Object-Oriented Perspective on Software System Testing in a Distributed Environment,” HP Journal, December, 1995 (co-author)
  • “Spanning Cyberspace: Distributed Object Computing,” Interchange technical writing conference, 1994
  • “Hypertext Cross-Links: Issues and Strategies,” International Technical Communication Conference (ITCC), 1990
  • “Adding Hypertext Cross-Links to On-line Documentation,” Practical Conference on Communication (PCOC), 1989
  • “Balancing Indexes:  Using the INDAP Index Analysis Tool,” ITCC conference, 1989
  • Exploring Computer Careers at Home Rosen Publishing, NY, 1986
  • Exploring High Tech Careers Rosen Publishing, NY, 1984

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